Dear reality

Advertisements Dear reality, My oldest enemy Regarding you with loathing I guess not so zen of me! I don’t hate you But resent how you split me in two. On paper you make me wear my heart Inside out Uncovering my open wounds And before long As soon as I find Enough strength to move …

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Advertisements I miss you the way I don’t miss many, I let you dwell in me the way I haven’t let any. I pray my soul full And feel angels pray with me. I pry the sky open to make room for this bliss, this love that floods out, pours down, raises me up and …

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Advertisements How I spent nights cursing the fate that brought us together wondering by which sin did I deserve a love so bitter! The wounds you inflicted on me had a familiar sting a kind of poison I have tasted before I told myself, I’ve stayed for too long became addicted to the high used …

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Advertisements What is at times a friendly ghost a paper cut out, a template of letters I spell out of frame, suddenly turns into a demon puppeteering my hand alas, my words don’t look the same. I try to exorcise you in vain my casting you out turns into prayers and hymns, the love twin …

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Advertisements Time illudes me! When I am overcome with emotions, words sting in my chest, yet they can’t make the way out. I sit with the feelings when I can. I try to make sense again! And fail again! Then I give myself to it, and by every means, it feels right.


Advertisements I lived small and loved only as much as my heart could bear. Then I met you, and my heart grew larger a thousand times, Larger than ten thousand skies, nothing could fill it, it seems everyone fell short of inspiring my dreams… Everyone but you. you fit my soul, perfectly, you render me …

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Advertisements To you, To the person leading a full life twice, One away from me and one within my soul To the one that brought so much light into my world … To you, I write Unsent letters, unsung melodies, and unspoken words… To us, I scribe my unwitnessed, undying love.


Advertisements I was so afraid you’d be a distraction from the life I want, Now it’s seems it takes my whole life to distract me.. from you.


Advertisements I have this thing, Where somehow, I keep missing All the beginnings! I don’t realize I’m alone Until everyone I care for is long gone To take care of their own. I don’t realize I’m in love Until my heart aches from longing And feel my soul splitting open And suddenly words overgrow My …

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