Advertisements I have this thing, Where somehow, I keep missing All the beginnings! I don’t realize I’m alone Until everyone I care for is long gone To take care of their own. I don’t realize I’m in love Until my heart aches from longing And feel my soul splitting open And suddenly words overgrow My …

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Anger and pain

Advertisements You’re here for my love for my smiles When my hands are warm When my gaze is tender You seek my embrace relentlessly Until… I show The slightest hint of anger You abandon me to the flames You desert my hands You run away from the thunder You leave me to battle my demons …

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One day

Advertisements One day While writing and drawing I’ll realize It’s not you on paper. But until then My pens and brushes Will only move within the bounds Of the shadow you cast on my soul

The heart’s cage

Advertisements When I Inhale you’re the desire to live To kiss the morning To take beauty in To hug the Moon And dance with the wind Amidst my unwilling breaths The cold blood in my veins The chains around my chest You become the life within. When I exhale you are the relief The Warm kiss …

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Advertisements Some words spill out, others force their way out of my chest with machetes in hands.. this is one of those. I feel like an empty hallIn which you once whisperedThen hastily leftI kept captive each word you saidStretching from wall to wallNow the echo fadingAnnouncing.. The silence I dread Like a well without …

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Friendly inquiries

Advertisements “Something is different about you Something not easy to point to Is it your perfume? the hair do? more make up? Or maybe less! You don’t do make up do you? You look the same you’re sitting more up right though Head held high You talk less yet say more What is it? It’s …

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Advertisements I write these spells weave my heart strings in try to cast you out potions, crystals and seals fail me, Enchanted by you again I unearth my demons to see them bow at your heels my late night seances end in prayers my grimoires filled with poems my altars witness my heresy then my …

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Did you send a messenger?

Advertisements Because your name is all I can hear pounding on my chest like a lost child I look around my gaze searching my body paralyzed with fear you’re no where to be found yet everything tells me you’re here.