I wonder

Your love just wants me to see it and accept it. But I’m too afraid It’s way bigger than me It’s terrifying What if I lose myself in it? What if I lose myself to it? What of me will be left to feel loved? Will I ever get myself back? I wonder if just …

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I will not hold against you How much you hated me Nor will I hold against me How much I loved you. Just like that I took myself out of there You got all that rage to spare And I still have my heart Maybe bruised and broken But damn! It’s still loving, giving, and …

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Other me

You are but a feeling, A persona without face, Symbol of an idea, A door to an ethereal place, You are another me For another time and space.

What have I done? I spoke your love out loud Now it acts like an entity that i summoned But I can’t satisfy She wants me to act In her name Fuelling my rebellion Asking me to prove my claim Striping me from inhibition Freeing me of shame Breaking out the wild love that took …

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My sadness seeks your safety, My excitement seeks your participation My peace seeks your company My joy looks up to the moments we shared together How could you give so little, yet have it be the best thing I have ever received

Do over

I’ll take every heartbreak Every pain Time and time again And stick to this path That has led me To meet eyes with you

Face of joy

Today’s joy looks like dancing at home to hindi songs in workout clothes. Joy and safety have never been this close in my whole life. Alhamdu lillah.

Dark night

Feel with all your might Feel with all your heart Settle down then take flight Follow the tears down and rise with the first sun What a sight! It is but a glimpse of eternity you catch between shadow and flickers of light a little bit of you, of me of us rendering ornate a …

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An emotional creature

An emotional creature,My joy comes in floodsMy outrage, in stormsMy loneliness an endless droughtMy sorrows are hurricanesMy love, gentle showers on a sunny afternoonMy rainbows will stretch around any cold soul. You will not deny me the sky or hold my temper down,My passion will scorch earths, my tears will resurrect the ground. An emotional …

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Slow come back

I was in such pain That I dissociated Now, I’m slowly healing Slowly coming back to myself Slowly regaining the ability to feel Coming back to my senses Now that I feel and see the scars.. It downs on me Slowly.. How much I didn’t deserve this!