Same me in a different accent!
Depending on the language I use, different traits of my personality are emphasized!
Yeah, it’s weird for me too.😶
hope you find something that speaks to you.


Advertisements I write these spells weave my heart strings in try to cast you out potions, crystals and seals fail me, Enchanted by you again I unearth my demons to see them bow at your heels my late night seances end in prayers my grimoires filled with poems my altars witness my heresy then my …

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Did you send a messenger?

Advertisements Because your name is all I can hear pounding on my chest like a lost child I look around my gaze searching my body paralyzed with fear you’re no where to be found yet everything tells me you’re here.

Why a blog?

Advertisements I launched this blog on March 2021. And literally had to google the spelling of the month :/ and that plays into why it’s difficult for me to just open up a page and pour my soul onto it. But first, Why a blog? My trail on the web is easy to follow. Facebook, …

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Shatter me

Advertisements Shatter me by Lzzy Hale and Lindsey sterling is one of my most beloved songs. I discovered it whan I had no voice of my own, scared, numb and overwhelmed. I was stretched so thin trying to fit in everyone’s idea of me that I completely lost touch with who I am. I felt …

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Fractures of gold

Advertisements I know pain too well, to ever try and cause it to a soul.I’ve been shattered to fragments, had my heart burned into coal. I’ve only been loved conditionally,Never seen as a whole. As many time as I have fallen..I have risen from the depths,Despite my wounds, I stood tall. Invincible, Not that I …

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Been a while..

Advertisements I am listening to our beloved songs, listening to ”Kadem”.Missing you more than these cold words can convey. Thinking of how romantic you always were. wondering if you gave me strength so I wouldn’t get hurt. So I would never know the kind of pain you lived with. To be able to stand up …

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Advertisements Definition of identity 1a: the distinguishing character or personality of an individual : INDIVIDUALITY b: the relation established by psychological identification 2: the condition of being the same with something described or assertedestablish the identity of stolen goods 3a: sameness of essential or generic character in different instances b: sameness in all that constitutes the objective reality of a thing : ONENESS 4: an equation that is satisfied …

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Advertisements Love me fiercely,Hold my flames. Make me dare..to burst in tears,break apart go up in smokeAnd fall like rain Let me dare to gift my soul to you..once again!


Advertisements Whenever I try to findmy place in your heartI reach out, but I can’t touch you,I find only emptiness..And my hand goes through…It is why I fall,When I want to lean onIt is why I crawlInto the space inside a wallBuried in my fears,Trying to hold on…This closeness is a mere illusion,I do not …

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