Same me in a different accent!
Depending on the language I use, different traits of my personality are emphasized!
Yeah, it’s weird for me too.😶
hope you find something that speaks to you.

Dark night

Advertisements Feel with all your might Feel with all your heart Settle down then take flight Follow the tears down and rise with the first sun What a sight! It is but a glimpse of eternity you catch between shadow and flickers of light a little bit of you, of me of us rendering ornate …

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Sometimes grieving looks like binge watching hindi movies and crying your heart out.

Advertisements This movie is one of my all time favorites (top 3). But I couldn’t watch it for years. Exactly 8 years. Last time I watched this film it was 2014, I was sitting next to my mom who passed away one year later. We cried side by side and shared treasured moments around movies …

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Advertisements since I decided to not wear a head cover, I’ve been observing people’s reactions very closely. And they have been reacting,in big and small ways. In delight and disappointment. But mostly in surprise. Some people have sheered at the sight of my new appearance. expressed their joy and pride of the journey I’ve made …

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An emotional creature

Advertisements An emotional creature,My joy comes in floodsMy outrage, in stormsMy loneliness an endless droughtMy sorrows are hurricanesMy love, gentle showers on a sunny afternoonMy rainbows will stretch around any cold soul. You will not deny me the sky or hold my temper down,My passion will scorch earths, my tears will resurrect the ground. An …

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Slow come back

Advertisements I was in such pain That I dissociated Now, I’m slowly healing Slowly coming back to myself Slowly regaining the ability to feel Coming back to my senses Now that I feel and see the scars.. It downs on me Slowly.. How much I didn’t deserve this!

Old Cold News

Advertisements I’ve been told the world is kind of a mess lately. That maybe I should follow the news. A tragedy is about to happen. I fail to see what’s different about this particular war that got everyone’s attention. Were the other tragedies lesser because the flag on the weapons represented the good side? Were …

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Meeting Grace

Advertisements I am a special educator. Yesterday a girl came running to me and gave me a huge heartfelt hug. We haven’t met before, so I asked her what her name was, she said: -Grace. -what a beautiful name! Do you know what it means? -no. -Oh my God, I have to tell you, it’s …

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The Holy Silence

Advertisements We never uttered the words, It wasn’t about the way we spoke, Or the things we said I was captive to the magic and majesty Of the silence we held It spoke of love, peace, and belonging. I still long to the space between the words Where we would embrace the feelings, the pains …

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Dear reality

Advertisements Dear reality, My oldest enemy Regarding you with loathing I guess not so zen of me! I don’t hate you But resent how you split me in two. On paper you make me wear my heart Inside out Uncovering my open wounds And before long As soon as I find Enough strength to move …

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Incarnation (poem)