The I before you

Advertisements I keep telling myself, there is more to me than just loving you! I try to remember all I am and have always been. There is a lot to boast about, I think… But it leads back to you again, because I know, you just made it all better!

Sweet debt

Advertisements Don’t you dare ask if it was worth it,For the cost of loving youwill be paid in dueBut the price of passing you byIs a life devoid of purposeWithout poetry, without heartWithout the gleam in my eye


Advertisements Are you a leader or a follower? I lead when I see no one around who’s lead I want to follow. When around peers it’ll be depending on the situation.

When did I love you

Advertisements When did I fall in love with you? In the moment of silence after we share a laugh And after we share pain It is in that sacred space Where we held each other And never let go since Even after we walked away

A story getting old

Advertisements As much as I love the searching journey Imposed by your absence The stories get heavier each day Forgetfulness eating at their edges And my way of telling them Loses effervescence I’m afraid once I get to you I would have lost my touch To the elements I would be without magic Without words,… Continue reading A story getting old


Advertisements I am stuck on you because you are a beautiful intersection between desire and possibility. And I am a poet. To us, dreamers, this crossover is an endless beach of mouldable sand waiting to be made into castles and villages to act out our wildest fantasies. You are a freshly snowed land that I… Continue reading Playground


Advertisements It seems to have become my second nature, coming to you… It is easier than going any other wayLost souls look up for the starsI look up to your eyesThey never once led me astrayNot once… thus far.

Unwilling co-writer

Advertisements You co-write my best poems And you don’t even speak the language! You reside in my truest prayers And you don’t even believe You grow my faith stronger And you refuse to see God When I see him so clearly in you Ironic, Even a little funny Yes, God understands my humour Loves to… Continue reading Unwilling co-writer

I have a date

Advertisements It’s raining The ground smells like it has been kissed I’m joining in On the love fest of everything I have missed. I have a date One that has been decades in the making, Have to put the right music on But the rain droplets and the leaves are already dancing So I put… Continue reading I have a date


Advertisements What activities do you lose yourself in? Drawing. That’s what’s great and painful about it. Since I lose track of time, I can only afford to draw when my schedule is clear for hours, and not a thing can interrupt the process, not even getting up to eat. When it doesn’t go my way,… Continue reading Untitled

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