Advertisements I will not hold against you How much you hated me Nor will I hold against me How much I loved you. Just like that I took myself out of there You got all that rage to spare And I still have my heart Maybe bruised and broken But damn! It’s still loving, giving, …

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Advertisements كلما لمحت سوط الفراق يلتف حول وريد من الاوردة و يتصلب كل ما فيّ تهيؤاً للألم تذكرت … ان مقصلة الموت مرت من قبل و فارقتني عمن حسبت الهواء سينقطع بغيابها لكني ما زلت هنا اتنفس بل وكأني عاهدتها سرا أن أحيا ضعفين فعانقت الحياة بأذرع و صار كل فراق هين كل راحل رافقته …

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Other me

Advertisements You are but a feeling, A persona without face, Symbol of an idea, A door to an ethereal place, You are another me For another time and space.

Advertisements What have I done? I spoke your love out loud Now it acts like an entity that i summoned But I can’t satisfy She wants me to act In her name Fuelling my rebellion Asking me to prove my claim Striping me from inhibition Freeing me of shame Breaking out the wild love that …

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Advertisements My sadness seeks your safety, My excitement seeks your participation My peace seeks your company My joy looks up to the moments we shared together How could you give so little, yet have it be the best thing I have ever received


Advertisements Waves of sadness carry me to the shores of joy. In my solitary silence I find myself sitting across from you. Consistently contradicting. As if you were on a mission to bring my opposite poles together until I implode. Or are you on a mission to put together the remnants of planet destroyed trying …

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Eclipsed by the memory

Advertisements I peel back layers of distraction and anxiety, try to find my way to my safe place… And there you are, a blood rush! I look at the crimson sunset and the glowing autumn colors and can’t help but wish on this beauty for you to be well. It has been a while. I’m …

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Advertisements ما افدح خطئي حين انتهكت حبك بالاعلان  الأثير و الارض و السماء يطالبنني بالبرهان  الحبر على شفتي و الشوق في دمي و شعر نثرته العينان حجج واهية بمحكمة الوجدان  من حرير نسجت الحكاية و بين النصل و غزلي شبران  شفقة في عيني خليلي ضخت سما بالشريان  ماتت كلمة عشقي قبل تمامها شطر شعر دون ثان  اخفقت في حبك حين اخفيته و اخفقت ثانيا إذ …

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Owning the narrative

Advertisements T.W: discussing sexual assault. This is undoubtedly the hardest post I’ve ever written. One I’ve been contemplating for years now, but the timing either didn’t feel right or the motivation stemmed not from the right place. The intention now is to heal, to own my story, to tell it on my time and for …

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Do over

Advertisements I’ll take every heartbreak Every pain Time and time again And stick to this path That has led me To meet eyes with you