Unwilling co-writer

You co-write my best poems

And you don’t even speak the language!

You reside in my truest prayers

And you don’t even believe

You grow my faith stronger

And you refuse to see God

When I see him so clearly in you


Even a little funny

Yes, God understands my humour

Loves to make me smile

Knows I don’t do things the usual way

So he’s keeping things interesting

Making this role fun for me to play

He always has my back

Even when I’m too ungrateful to pray

Once he was there for me,

in the form of you

A standing ovation worthy creation

What else can I say?

You played your part beautifully

Then went your own way

But somewhere it’s been written

The love in my heart will stay

Believe me, not my decision

I tried my best to pray it away

But you’re one of those characters

That go on living in you

and through you

Every day.

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