I have a date


It’s raining

The ground smells like it has been kissed

I’m joining in

On the love fest of everything I have missed.

I have a date

One that has been decades in the making,

Have to put the right music on

But the rain droplets and the leaves are already dancing

So I put down my records and listen in.

I have a date

One I had lost my belief in

Lost my way to and

Lost the invitation

Thought I’d never find you again

But once I cut the noise

Between self-pitty and complaining

I heard a call between drops of rain

That led me back to you

I have a date

The breeze, the sunbeams

Jogged the memories of our meetings

The bird song and water streams

Recounted stories of us

Some I remember, they speak of events

but often,

that have yet to happen

I have a date

Certainly, I show up few years late

Yet you’re here

My peace, my joy, my heart

Pardon my shortcoming

And thank you so much for waiting .

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