Let me forget you

Let go as I hold on

Let me know there is a ground

Not too far.

Let me go,

I’m too scared to open my hand

Lest the wind takes away hope

Lest the fall breaks the dream.

Let go of me,

I’m too afraid to sit alone

In the dark

With my demons and ghosts

My loud unkempt thoughts

My shameful masks

And my silent grave stone.

Let me go,

Let me forget you,

I have no power over my mind

Set me free like a leaf

on a mountain stream

Those waters might help me find

Why a killer’s dagger is ever so clean

Why love is ever so blind

Why I thought I have found you

When I’m the one on the fishing line.

Let me go,

It’s the last thing I’ll ask

I’m moving on,

This time,

I take the fall

You take the sky.

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