I wonder

Your love just wants me to see it and accept it. But I’m too afraid

It’s way bigger than me

It’s terrifying

What if I lose myself in it?

What if I lose myself to it?

What of me will be left to feel loved?

Will I ever get myself back?

I wonder

if just for the next minute…

if just for few moments…

I give in completely to it!

What if …

for just the next hour…

I surrender to it’s gravity,

And let my soul be taken by it’s power.

Maybe it will be the end

Maybe it’ll be the start

Of something better.

While I debate

Your love sits in a corner

Silent, unfazed, patient as ever

Enticing like a song I played all summer

Inviting Like a home I can’t remember

I wonder

If I get lost, will I ever be found

Would you recognize me

When you look to forever?

I wonder

If not by diving in

How else will I get over you

Because you see,

I can overcome pasts

But how in the love

can I get over what never


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