Waves of sadness carry me to the shores of joy.

In my solitary silence I find myself sitting across from you.

Consistently contradicting.

As if you were on a mission to bring my opposite poles together until I implode.

Or are you on a mission to put together the remnants of planet destroyed trying to resist the pull of bigger celestial events? Each trying to fit her in their own constellation.

Next to you,

All compasses lose their sense

Directions are aimless

Up and down, left and right

fold and unfold on your lips

We lost and found

meaning of existence

In the duration of a kiss

In the heat of our expansion

Let’s start a new universe

Chaotic, strange and

Definitely timeless

Rewrite with me the origins

Break the laws of physics

We’ll likely be undone

By our own antics, but

I do not mind a brief life.

Rather live and die unnoticed

Then spend decades roaming, aimless

I’ll trade the years in an instant

For one moment of bliss

With you.

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