Eclipsed by the memory

I peel back layers of distraction and anxiety, try to find my way to my safe place… And there you are, a blood rush!

I look at the crimson sunset and the glowing autumn colors and can’t help but wish on this beauty for you to be well.

It has been a while. I’m fighting tears feeling the sting of these songs resonating against your image.

Why is it that whenever I’m trying to reach deep within I keep finding you?

I can meditate on my goals, my ambitions, my past experiences, the lessons learned… But as soon as I step foot into the realm of emotions it’s you who I see.

I try my best to navigate my being past you, to get to me but I can’t… Do I even try? Do I want to go past you? Did I surrender these territories to you willingly? I think I have …

I greived and felt the loss many times already! What more is there?

Who are you to me?

What did I make you to be?

Is the insperation worth these scars?

Bleeding over and over only to burry the words under the groud where you once stood!

To scatter a few in your memory!

I dont know what to make of you…

It’s time to let you go, let you be…

It’s about time I claim myself for me.

Thank you and goodbye.

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