An emotional creature


An emotional creature,
My joy comes in floods
My outrage, in storms
My loneliness an endless drought
My sorrows are hurricanes
My love, gentle showers on a sunny afternoon
My rainbows will stretch around any cold soul.

You will not deny me the sky or hold my temper down,
My passion will scorch earths, my tears will resurrect the ground.

An emotional creature,
With every inch of my skin
Every fiber of my being
Each sigh can start tornados
Just like butterfly wings.

Don’t tell me to stop being so intense,
take a look around
The moon can’t help but change the tides
The sun survived millions of eruptions
since the dawn of times
Birds will sing to their little ones to lead them home,
I am an emotional creature but far from being alone
I will not live within cold concrete walls
Just to be buried underneath when it all falls
As does everything not built to grow.
I rather live inside a tree
your castle doesn’t fit all of me.
I am no longer asking permission to leave
I just know, it is time for me to go.

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