The Holy Silence

We never uttered the words,

It wasn’t about the way we spoke,

Or the things we said

I was captive to the magic and majesty

Of the silence we held

It spoke of love, peace, and belonging.

I still long to the space

between the words

Where we would embrace

the feelings, the pains unspoken but heard

The pause to reflect :

This is what being human is all about,

Speaking the truth

Even when in doubt

Revealing the weakness,

The darkness, the ugly side

The imperfections become tamed

A little smaller,

not as loud

As the silence.

I am no longer looking

for love in words

Glyphs and phonetics,

A lousy translation.

Language does to silence

What a prism does to sunlight

Looks like magic,

Almost feels like it’s more

As if multiplied

It is but love in fragments,

And some of us are Colorblind!

Only silence holds it all

As we sit side by side

Heartbeats and breaths in harmony

The brief moments of quite

Becoming the symphony

As we come to understand

Or at least try to..

Something happened

Feeling in love with each other

And the whole of humankind.

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