Dear reality

Dear reality,

My oldest enemy

Regarding you with loathing

I guess not so zen of me!

I don’t hate you

But resent how you split me in two.

On paper you make me

wear my heart

Inside out

Uncovering my open wounds

And before long

As soon as I find

Enough strength to move on

You strike me with fear

Sending me almost backward

Into the grip of my past

Where the last of me

Is certain to disappear

What am I supposed to do?

Why does it have to be a war?

I’m not equipped for battle like you

I tried giving up once

Just to see it all end

You wouldn’t let me die

Each time you’d send a friend!

To tend to my soul

Get me back on my feet

for another round

Dear reality,

The smaller the corner

The bigger my heart gets

From every wound

I will bleed poems

I will make an art piece of your battle grounds

Give me your unwanted truths

I will embrace them,

Try my best to love them.

Show me the pain

The tears, the scars

I won’t run or hide

No matter how ugly you are

Difficult might you be



You’ll be facing me.

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