Anger and pain

You’re here for my love

for my smiles

When my hands are warm

When my gaze is tender

You seek my embrace relentlessly

Until… I show

The slightest hint of anger

You abandon me to the flames

You desert my hands

You run away from the thunder

You leave me to battle my demons

Fall back to your shelter.

You revel in my sunny shores

and gentle waves

But when the deep calls

You never answer

What a lonely place

My anger has become

Only showing face

after I’ve overcome

Impatiently Waiting,

rushing me

To bring out the sun

But it still feels alone

Under the light

I’m starting to grow fond of the dark

The lightening of my anger

The thunder of my fear

Learning to wield them

Like a shield and a spear

Like a force of nature

On dark nights I shall conquer

More spaces

for my daylight to hold

So forgive me

When I let your hands go

There is more for me to do

More than you’ll ever know

Maybe that’s why

I could only love you in half

Because you only half wanted me.

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