The heart’s cage

When I Inhale you’re the desire to live

To kiss the morning

To take beauty in

To hug the Moon

And dance with the wind

Amidst my unwilling breaths

The cold blood in my veins

The chains around my chest

You become the life within.

When I exhale you are the relief

The Warm kiss of death

A welcoming of the end

Though I never mouth goodbyes

They move my lips with ease

In closing my eyes

I seal them down with tears

You are here,

Therefore, I know

Death comes in peace.

Thus go the days

The strangest love ever seen

Counting my breaths

My many lives

My many deaths

And the nights rest in between

Will you come to live?

Will you come to die?

Will you not decide?

And only come see me in my dreams?

In the sky like a rain drop

Hanging on the edge of a cloud

I see the world pass me by

Yearning for my turn to hug the ground

I beg of you,

to my life or to my death

Just let me fly!

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