Friendly inquiries (poem)

“Something is different about you

Something not easy to point to

Is it your perfume? the hair do?

more make up? Or maybe less!

You don’t do make up do you?

You look the same

you’re sitting more up right though

Head held high

You talk less yet say more

What is it?

It’s like you’ve grown

But when you giggle

A child comes through

The glimmer in your eyes

The sparkle in your smile

What secrets do they hide?

What’s that force behind your pride?

What happened to you?”

If only my friend knew

It’s not “what” rather “who”

Had she dared pry a little more

She would have found your shrine

Behind my gaze, within my words

There in my spine

Oh my worst kept secret

you are

the best of me

albeit you’re not even mine

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