Why a blog?

I launched this blog on March 2021. And literally had to google the spelling of the month :/ and that plays into why it’s difficult for me to just open up a page and pour my soul onto it.

But first, Why a blog?

My trail on the web is easy to follow. Facebook, instagram, youtube. Simple enough, I use social media like everyone else. Activity fueled by the innate need to connect. But as time goes the platforms stop being shaped by the users and start shaping them. I wont go far into this since this post covers it :

https://wordpress.com/post/asmakitto.ca/837 )

When I tried to curate my words, art, thoughts to each website it became clear how counter productive that was. I felt even more alienated, disconnected and became a stranger.
Not only I had to fragment my self to fit the template but that also would be served in fragments, since not all of it will reach it’s audience, some parts will fall through the virtual cracks, and too bad if they were the most meaningful ones.
Do I sound like a bitter social media “nobody” ? XD

I like drawing, writing poems, short stories, in different languages. When I want to share I want all my focus to be on the creative aspect. And when I put my soul out I will not tolerate it being crammed into a mold that distorts it.
The frustration of one’s expression served like fast food, or a throw away blip is too much for me to bare. More frustrating is when it works and you are seen, but then it’s so unfulfilling it feels like theft.

This is on some ways a cop-out. And I am blessed to have this as an option. Many don’t and I can only pray for them and make them feel seen when I can.

Here the pages are boring 🙂
My words can rest, will stay still on a screen for more than 2 seconds. My words can breath and be.
and then when I feel like it I can carve out a piece to put on the menu of “bite size”-“on the go” insperation.

Here my brain doesn’t make me believe I have to dress my language and throw glitter on every color I use. There is no competition for numbers. I am satisfied with no audience.

My part is to use my gifts, share it and the universe will deliver to those who it’s meant for.

It’s a peaceful ground and that’s a requirement for me to be able to create.

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