Been a while..

I am listening to our beloved songs, listening to ”Kadem”.
Missing you more than these cold words can convey.

Thinking of how romantic you always were.

wondering if you gave me strength so I wouldn’t get hurt. So I would never know the kind of pain you lived with. To be able to stand up to life.
But I believe you are much wiser than that.
I think you gave me strength so I would get hurt over and over again, without ever being afraid. So I wouldn’t know regret. You didn’t want me to stand up to life. You tought me to give in to it, to live!

The pain of missing you could only go as deep as my love for you.
With your memory, my tears hug my smiles, and they both realize, it is thanks to you that they rise up and fall in complete harmony.

When I embrace your memory, I am not afraid of the sharp edges for you have shown me what true courage is.

May Allah show you more grace than you’ve shown me a thousand fold. And may he grant you everlasting peace.

Your daughter and best friend.

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