Pride (poem)

Whenever I try to find
my place in your heart
I reach out, but I can’t touch you,
I find only emptiness..
And my hand goes through.
It is why I fall,
When I want to lean on
It is why I crawl
Into the space inside a wall
Buried in my fears,
Trying to hold on.
This closeness is a mere illusion,
I do not know where you belong!
You don’t take me in,
You don’t set me free,
You hold spaces inside me,
Without claiming them,
You deny me what’s my own!.
You want access, without responsibility
You want privilege, without accountability
You want a crown, a title and blind loyalty,
You want to rule My kingdom,
Without laying your soul to me!
Without bearing a single wound
Nor losing a drop of blood,

Get back in line sir,
And see my heart stretched on the cross,
Pieces of my soul, hang on every pole
Waving in the wind.
For here,
You die, then we begin.
Here, we honor fear, grief, and sorrow
Here we’ll all share the weight of your sin.
Here, you bow to your weaknesses…
at the entrance.
And you sir,
You have a too big of a Pride
For our gates to let you in!

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